Heat and frost insulators are responsible to work with different insulation material to prevent the passage of heat, cold, moisture, vapour, sound and fire. They not only maintain these materials once they are installed, but also have the job of interpreting design specifications to determine what initially must be installed. Sometimes, insulators will lay out and fabricate parts on the job, or be called upon to seal off or remove older insulation and reduce health risks to adjacent workers or the general public. The structures and systems they might be required to work on include: plumbing, airhandling, heating, cooling and refrigeration, piping and pressure vessels, walls, flooring, and ceiling. An experienced insulator might become a foreman, superintendent, or estimator.

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    Hey Kelsey, I'm just looking for the recording of the Becoming an Insulator webinar - do you guys have it kicking around? It was really great webinar!! 

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