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HVAC Residential Installers are responsible for installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in customers’ homes following manufacturer specifications, industry codes and standards, and company requirements.

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Online Basic Principles of Residential Ventilation ($79.00)

Through this online course, participants are introduced to the basic principles of residential ventilation. We start by defining the concepts known as “House as a System”; the flow of air, heat and water and how these impact natural ventilation (aka ai...

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Heat Loss Heat Gain Calculation Certification for EAs ($970.00)

CACEA and HRAI have partnered again to offer its unique annual learning opportunity for Energy Advisors. HRAI instructor and CACEA Member, John Harris of DSG Building Diagnostics, will adapt the four-day HRAI course content so that it is relevant to th...

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Understanding HVAC systems ($50.00)

Understanding HVAC Systems (HVAC1) covers the fundamentals of how fuel is converted into energy, the types of space heating and cooling systems typically found in North American homes, and current ventilation system requirements for new construction.

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Residential Heat Loss & Heat Gain Calculations ($1240.00)

Based on the CSA Standard F280-12, students get a firsthand introduction of the basic principles of building science and heat loss/gain. Through various in-class exercises, the student will learn how to determine the thermal resistance (R value) of var...

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Building Officials Guide to Understanding HVAC Building Code Requirements ($299.00)

Are you looking to recognize key areas to check when reviewing a submitted design and completing a site check? Learn about good engineering practices and guidelines related to understanding site checks and approving plans and design submissions. ...

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